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Antivirus Issues

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Topic: Antivirus Issues
Posted By: LightsOnLogan
Subject: Antivirus Issues
Date Posted: 27 Nov 2013 at 7:56am
During L1 beta testing, Aurora 2 and some antivirus products have not always gotten along.

Antivirus products are becoming more aggressive in their approach to screening for viruses.  Some are treating Aurora as a virus based on a "prevalence" rating (in other words, "how many copies of this executable have I seen before?").  Since Aurora is a niche market product with less than 1000 users, it will never pass these prevalence tests.  Since Aurora 2 requires its processes to start up in a well coordinated and timely manner, when a supporting process is interrupted (or worse, removed) by Antivirus, it can cause Aurora to be in an unstable state until the next reboot.

Avast has been a real pain in our beta testing.  It has a tendency to not obey exceptions that are already created and yanks away Aurora files without even as much as a dialog to tell the user that it did so.  Nothing about the action shows up in the reports either.  Only after digging down into the virus chest will you find the files are there to be restored.  After restoring the files and a reboot Aurora will usually work correctly until some random day at which it happens all over again despite the exception that already exists in Avast.  Occasionally the issue happens several times within the same day.  As a result, it is not recommended to use Avast alongside Aurora.  If you must do so, then please proceed with caution.

AVG has proven to be fairly reliable alongside Aurora.  It does throw up a few dialogs the first time parts of Aurora are launched (e.g. the E1.31 server is treated as suspicious because it sends to the network), but a quick click for "More Options" and "Allow" are all that is required (instructions may vary depending on your version of AVG). 

There is a small bug in Aurora 1.999.300 which, when used alongside AVG, can cause some sequence lockups during Borealis schedule playback.  A patch for this known issue is presently being tested and will be released very soon.

We have not yet had time for extensive testing of other Antivirus products with Aurora 2.



Posted By: BigDPS
Date Posted: 27 Nov 2013 at 12:10pm
I noticed Avast was the biggest pain in the butt. I will remove any anti virus for my show computer. The computer is behind a firewall and isn't used as my main computer.


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