Aurora 2 Sequencer/Scheduler



  • Application portability-- Aurora/Borealis can be run directly from a USB drive without installation
  • DMX output via E1.31 adapters
  • DMX output via D-Light USB-485 v3 adapters
  • High performance render/output engine
  • New tool properties such as shimmer/twinkle rate/depth
  • Rapid tool switching and tool properties using available keyboard shortcuts
  • Vector based playback preview visualizer
  • Video support: sequence AVI, WMV, and MPG files and output video to a second monitor/projector during playback
  • Audio support for WAV, MP3, and WMA files
  • Multiple audio views: Amplitude (classic), Spectrogram, and Single Music Note
  • Beat Detection
  • Waveform-to-event copy
  • Rearrangable channels- group them according to your needs
  • RGB tool-- Color transitions and effects right from a color picker
  • Improved copy/paste
  • New and improved playback scheduler


The current version of Aurora is Aurora 2 Beta 1. This version is not production ready (there are still several bugs remaining to be fixed).
Aurora 2 Beta 1 Demo/Upgrade/Full Download Now
Aurora 1.0.69 Demo/Upgrade/Full (6/30/2009) Download Now
Aurora 1.0.41 Depreciated (12/12/2008) Archive
Aurora 1.0.32 Depreciated (11/21/2008) Archive
Aurora 1.0.25 Depreciated (11/7/2008) Archive
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System Requirements

Aurora is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 on systems having at least 1GHz CPU and 2GB RAM (multiple core CPUs are recommended).

Price (USD):
Coming Soon

U.S. and Canada only; contact us for international availability and pricing.