Aurorashow X3-SPLIT



  • Split: Splits one DMX, LOR, or D-Light cable 3 ways
    • Simplifies cabling requirements
  • Isolate: Input/Outputs are isolated (power and data) from each other
    • Protects your PC and/or upstream devices from downstream electrical failures
    • Fixes data ground loop issues
    • Minimum 1kV isolation per input/output strip
  • Boost: Each output generates a new full strength signal
    • Extends the usable cable length and/or number of devices
    • Fixes data issues caused by long cable lengths and/or too many devices
    • Each output drives up to 5000 feet of cable having up to 32 devices (exact usable length will vary depending on application; expect 500 feet in typical use)
  • Adapt: Each input/output can be individually configured for one of several wiring modes
    • XLR (3-pin)
    • D-Light/LOR RJ-45
    • J1Sys/Lynx RJ-45
    • "Dual Mode" (see below)
  • Signal Conditioning
    • Slew rate limiter improves immunity to data corruption issues caused by HF reflections in some cable runs
  • Dual Mode capable
    • Sends to both D-Light/LOR and J1Sys/Lynx wiring simultaneously over a single RJ-45 cable*
    • Eliminates special adapters between controllers
* Use in Dual Mode wiring configuration requires a special line terminator (Aurorashow TERM-1245), sold separately.


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Power Requirements +5VDC, 1A max (100mA-500mA nominal depending on output configuration); 5VDC 1A power adapter included
Supported Protocols DMX
RS485 (unidirectional 56kbps - 500kbps)*
Supported Wiring DMX 3-pin XLR
J1Sys / Lynx / Misc. DMX (+1/-2/C7-8)
D-Light / LOR (+4/-5/C6)
Input Termination 120 ohms
Maximum Output Cable Length
(per output)
5,000 feet
Recommended Output Cable Length
(per output)
<400 feet
Maximum Attached Devices
(per output, 12k receiver impedance
[DMX standard])
Maximum Attached Devices
(per output, 96k receiver impedance)
Maximum Data Rate 500 kbps*
Standard Transceivers MAX13085E
Slew Rate Limiting
(reduces data reflection and termination issues)
Output Short Circuit Protection Yes
Input-Output Isolation 1kV minimum
Output-Output Isolation 1kV minimum
Data-Mains Isolation 1kV minimum
Supported Temperature Range -40C to 50C (-40 to 122F)
Inputs 1x 3-pin XLR DMX
1x RJ45
1x DC power connector
Outputs 3x 3-pin XLR DMX
3x RJ45
Indicators Power, Data
* Increasable up to 10MBPS for custom applications using alternate transceiver options- contact support for more information.

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