Recent Aurora News
Nov 26, 2013: Aurora 2 beta 1 has been released to new and existing customers. Read More

What our customers are saying about Aurora:

"Thank you very much for the product you put out this year. All I can say WOW. My sequencing time has went way down and I experience a perfect season... My 128 channel show ran nightly for 5-6 hours and not one hiccup, restart, or problem. The software was great I can't say enough about it."

"I second that, not one issue, not even a hiccup during the entire season."

"I want to praise the Aurora team as well. I just turned off the 'show' computer after a whole month of non-stop scheduling. It ran from December 1st till the 1st of January with no failures or breakdowns."

"I have to say that I was pretty impressed with how this software turned out, especially when considering the time frames that it was delivered in.  I think we are all impressed with the efforts and continuous communication and feedback you provided us all they way up to the last minute.  I know I was freaking out back at Halloween when trying to learn how to sequence for the first time but your software made the job relatively easy and each subsequent release made it that much smoother of a process."



Aurora is compatible with DMX devices and controllers via E1.31 and/or certain FTDI based USB-DMX dongles (such as the D-Light USB-485 v3). To get the most out of Aurora, we recommend using E1.31.

Aurora is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 on systems having at least 1GHz CPU and 2GB RAM.